Prime Bill

A free accounting tool called prime bill allows indian small businesses to manage invoicing, inventory, accounting needs, and more. A businessman can focus more on growing his firm and less on paperwork by making his everyday tasks less onerous.


Customers Can Purchase Gst Bills Online+

A professional brand identity can be created with the use of prime bill software's practical gst billing tools.To create invoices,utilise the prime bill accounting and billing programme. It enables you to abide by indian law regarding the goods and service tax.

Error-free Accounting+

Accounting Is Error-free According To The Prime Bill. It Supports Your Company's Data Security.the Prime Bill's Invoice Forms Make It Simple To Create Gst Invoices.the Primary Bill Is Used Offline As Well As Online. It Is Therefore Simpler For A SME To Adhere To Best Accounting Procedures When Utilising The App. For Enterprises, It Streamlines The Bookkeeping Procedure.

Number Of Practical Billing Options+

By using our simple billing software to adhere to gst regulations. It includes a number of practical billing options. Invoices for your clients can be produced in a few simple steps. Additionally, you can send them to clients by email, print, or whatsapp. They are available for printing in A4, A5, 2, and 3 inch sizes using your printer.

Make Invoices Quickly+

Prime bill allows you to make invoices quickly, in contrast to the majority of accounting software. The best part is that it is a simple process and won't require you to go through hours of hard training. To create professional and distinctive bills, you may choose from more than ten gst invoice and billing templates in the programme.It features a design based on the accounting programme tally.

Simple Inventory Management +

The best inventory management software from prime bill has several really useful features. It enhances operational efficiency in business. You may monitor the sales of your company using business reports. It will help them gauge how effectively you have handled your inventory.

Maintain Your Records+

Prime bill maintains a record of business information. For business owners, it makes it simple to develop a successful strategy. Utilising inventory tracking tools maximises the use of storage space for inventory. It is simpler to find products that are not selling thanks to our inventory management capabilities.

Set Up Notifications+

You can view the current status of your inventory with the free billing software provided by prime bill. You may also set up notifications to notify your suppliers when you place new orders. Additionally, you can use the delivery challan at any time to track the position of packed orders. You can effortlessly complete all inventory tracking duties using our inventory management app. It contributes to better customer service.

Easy Workflow Efficiency+

Using the best billing software reduces the need for human work because it automates most tasks. Regular checks and data matching through the app also prevent items from going missing. It is straightforward to complete a replacement right quickly in order to prevent a loss of business. It helps to handle the demands of everyday inventory management.


Send Reminders For Payment To Collect Past-due Amounts+

Businesses may maintain cash flow and assure on-time payments with the help of Prime Bill. In the business dashboard, Prime Bill assists you in keeping track of all payments that are overdue.

Send Reminders+

You can send reminders for payment to your clients using the app's reminder feature. Using whatsapp and email, it will assist in reminding them of the entire amount due and the due date. Reminders are sent to customers to make sure they don't forget to pay. You can utilise this to maintain cash flow in your company and prevent pointless delays.

Variety Of Payment Methods+

The best billing software from prime bill offers a variety of payment methods to encourage timely payments from your clients. Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, E-wallets, NEFT, RTGS, UPI, QR Codes, and many other payment methods are all included. Customers can pay conveniently by using a variety of cash and online payment methods. It guarantees that your clients can make a payment using the method of their choosing.

Simple To Use+

It's very simple to use the prime bill. Many small business owners just use our product to fulfil all of their invoicing requirements. They believe that prime bill is the greatest gst billing application. Their firm can benefit from the app's advantages. Multiple apps are no longer necessary because of it.

Gst Filing Has Been Standardised And Enhanced

GST filing can be difficult for business owners and takes a lot of time if done manually. The GST filing procedure can be streamlined by using the prime bill product to create GST reports.

Every month, many business owners invest their time and energy. It is done to make sure they uphold the tax regulations. They must, after all, keep track of their monthly bills, outlays, and accounting information. To file GST returns, manually enter them as well.


Features Of Prime Bill

Delivery Challan

Get a "delivery challan" of the prime bill as confirmation of delivery. Make delivery challans with this free gst invoicing tool, then include them with your delivery.

To prevent disagreements and make the order's parameters more clear, you might provide the terms and conditions. This procedure aids in the smooth operation of the company and ensures that clients receive their packages safely.

The delivery challans can also be turned into bills, which is another effective technique for adjusting auto stock. Utilise the gst billing and accounting software to maintain all of the delivery acknowledgment data. It is a simpler method of managing a company with significant productivity objectives.