About Us

We are a One-Stop Shop for All Your Business Technology Needs

We offers a multitude of products or services our customers and is responsible for the total inventory of the current situation, inventory of specific end-user requirements, translation into modular refurbishment kits, installation and assembly, financing and aftercare.

We are Committed to Quality.

We set high performance standards by designing processes and procedures that promotes best achievement and evaluating performance in accordance with those standards.

Punon about us
Punon Vision Mission

About Us


Using our in-depth experience and thorough understanding of the business domain areas and preferences of customers to develop a tailor-made solution for their specific business needs.Help consumers develop meaningful relationships with their audience through connected digital interactions and create better brands.


To consistently deliver innovative Digital Marketing Strategies with a meaningful effect on the bottom line and consistently ensure outstanding returns.


We conduct our work ethically and honestly earning and substaining the trust of our clients. We are committed to grow everyday by constantly working on our goals.

Director and Co-Founder

Mr.Raj Singh

Co-Founder & Director of Punon Technologies.He is expertise in full feeling his ideas into reality. He has a goal in building a digital future all over the world with launching budget friendly products.

Director and Co-Founder

Mrs.Priya Zaparde

Co-Founder & Director of Punon Technologies. She has years of experience in handling international business. She plans to develop products which are user friendly and can set an impact on customers on national and international level.