Punon Technology's App Management enables customers to safely access every user inside the bigger organisation and to encourage the adoption of vital apps that support the expansion and modernization of their companies. Even for employees using unmanaged devices (such as personal Apple and Android devices used for work purposes), mobile application management maintains high levels of security. Even the most heavily regulated businesses can achieve the required levels of app and data security thanks to MAM's additional protection of apps and data that goes beyond the device management offered by MDM.

Deliver The Right Apps To The Right Users

All necessary apps, whether they were made expressly for your business or are readily accessible in the app store, may be bulk-deployed to users or devices with a simple click. Connecting to the official app stores for the OSs allows you to distribute apps. IPA, APK, XAP, MSIX, APPX, APPXBUNDLE, and MSI are all acceptable file types for internal programme deployment.

Multi And Single App Lockdown

Implementing kiosk mode will ensure that only authorised apps and device features may be accessed. Customise the wallpaper, icon arrangement, and typefaces on the home screen, and limit devices to just one app or a specific group of apps. Automate the single-app lockdown's entry and exit based on predetermined criteria. Additionally, while under single-app lockdown, run programmes in the background to meet dependencies.

Security Of App Data

Establish data loss protection guidelines for workplaces and business apps. When the integrity of the device is compromised, prevent data sharing between managed and unmanaged apps and delete all corporate data. Limit corporate data backups to third-party cloud services, and restrict users from downloading programmes from dubious websites or even different business stores.

Management Of The Workspace

Manage the whole Workplace product line with conditional access and app protection policies for improved security, productivity, and end-user experiences.

App Only Management

On devices that aren't actively maintained by your company, use app-only management policies. Apply data sharing limitations to BYOD business apps to protect corporate data.

Rugged And IOT Management

Protect non-traditional devices from the same console as traditional ones. To gadgets that are tough and purpose-built, use configurations that original equipment manufacturers have customised. Update operating systems, troubleshoot safely, and limit access to only the desired apps and information.