Device management solutions (DMS) are a security tool used by IT teams to keep an eye on and protect company phones. It ensures that employees' devices are managed, secure, and follow certain rules. DMS helps organize apps, track devices, enforce strong passwords, and control which apps are allowed. In short, it's like a digital guardian for company mobile devices.


Keeping track of devices

Know where all your devices are at all times.

Sharing and managing apps

Easily share and manage apps for your company.

Wipe data remotely

Wipe data from a device even if you can't physically access it.

Strong password Security

Make sure everyone has strong passwords to keep things secure.

Choosing which apps are allowed or not allowed

Decide which apps can and cannot be used on company devices.

Protecting data with encryption

Ensure that all data on devices is secure by encoding it.

DMS services is like a remote control for devices. It puts a special profile on the device, and a small app collects and sends information to a central control center. The control center, managed by an administrator, then sends specific settings back to the device, making necessary adjustments through the app.

Device Management Solutions (DMS) Include :

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  • Remote Control: Manage devices from a distance, like updating apps and files.
  • Easy Enrollment: Quickly set up lots of devices efficiently.
  • Device Setup: Configure devices with apps and settings they need.
  • Monitoring Health: Check device status and get alerts for issues like battery or connectivity.
  • Location Tracking: Keep tabs on device locations and set boundaries on maps.
  • Security Features: Lock or erase devices remotely and enforce password rules.
  • Analytics: Track how devices and apps are used for business purposes.

Superior Security Measures

  • Enhanced Security
  • Improved Device Management
  • Remote Control
  • Increased Productivity
  • Simplified Administration
  • Customizable Security Policies
  • Enhanced Insight
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